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OstriJ - Building a Slack Flow

Building a flow is a simple three step process

  • General Info

  • Input Fields and Filters

  • Mapping Fields

Flow 1.png

General Info

  • Name the Flow

  • Select Webhook or Platform Event (Webhook in this guide)

  • Choose the Salesforce Account

  • Choose the SF Object containing the data being sent

Flow 2.png

Input Fields and Filters

  • Select specific Fields to map, or All Fields in the drop down

  • Logic can be applied - The flow runs if condition is true. i.e. Opportunity Stage = Closed Won

  • Or Click No Logic and the flow will run on every call

Flow 3.png

Mapping Fields

  • Choose Post to Slack Operation

  • Get your Webhook URL that you set up when you configured Slack

  • To see how values map into Slack View the Slack Field Mapping Guide






* NOTE: When you save the flow click on the Eyeball

Icon and copy the

External end-point URL

Flow 4.png
Flow 5.png
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