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OstriJ - Salesforce guide

  • In SF go to App Manager

  • Grab the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret for

  • You will also need:

    • username​

    • password

    • token

    • custom domain (if used)

OstriJ connected App Highlighted.png
SF Account Settings.png

Login to and connect with Salesforce:

  • Click on your profile and select My Salesforce Accounts

  • Add a new Account and fill out the information

  • When Choosing Sandbox No/Yes, the Instance URL will be set to the Default value

  • If you use a Custom Domain enter the full Url in the Instance Url field

  • Upon Submit OstriJ does an evaluation of the credentials. If you're allowed to save then you're all set!

  • If you receive an error and recently created your Connected App, try waiting 10 minutes then submit again.

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