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Posting to Slack from Salesforce

If you’re like a lot of our customers, you’re frustrated with the available connectors that automate posting to Slack from Salesforce. They’re limited to very basic styling and only certain actions that trigger posts. That’s why we built the easiest, most flexible, connector to Slack on the market.

  1. No need for an app install in Salesforce. No Apex code or package elements to tweak to fit your use cases.

  2. Any action in Salesforce can trigger a Slack post using Ostrij. Simply configure a workflow rule on any object using any criteria, and then add an outbound message. Takes minutes at most.

  3. Ostrij allows you to pull data directly from the Salesforce record which triggered the event, then input it as part of your post.

  4. Within Ostrij you can style your post leveraging everything Slack has to offer; colors, images, links, etc…

  5. You can post messages to one or many Slack channels based on the type of event. Great CSAT survey, new community question, large opportunity closed, high priority case, social interactions, etc… Anything that happens in Salesforce can easily be sent to Slack utilizing Ostrij.

No need to settle for basic posts with limited information. Configure all your Slack posts in minutes and stay informed without filling your inbox.

Want a demo? Email us at

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