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Ostrij has a powerful Quickbooks connector that enables you get up and running with your QBO integration in days. Using out of the box Salesforce workflows and Quickbooks webhooks, Ostrij can handle the most complex requirements with ease.


What makes the Ostrij/QBO connector different? We don't box you into a certain design or processes. Ostrij adapts to your business instead of you adapting to the tool.

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Ostrij - Slack
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At Ostrij we know how important it is to stay connected to your team, but also how difficult it is with everything that happens during the day. That's why we built the strongest Salesforce-Slack connector on the market. In just minutes you can configure a message to Slack and automate it with Salesforce workflows. Anything you can create a workflow for in Salesforce, Ostrij can post to Slack.


As an Account Manager you could know immediately when a P1 tickets is created for one of your customers (without having to monitor your inbox). Or ring a Closed Won bell in your group channel so everyone knows a big deal just closed. We all know people are bombarded with emails daily so why not replace them with Slack posts!!

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Ostrj - Everything



Ostrij is the most configurable way to connect Salesforce to any application, period. Whether it's another SaaS tool like Quickbooks, Jira or Sage, or it's a homegrown application that you need to talk to Salesforce, we can make it happen faster and less expensive. 


How? We built a platform that simplifies the integration process by streamlining the initial API connection and making the ongoing maintenance a breeze. No need to wait for your development team to have bandwidth, or hire outside consultants, manage all Salesforce integrations in Ostrij with clicks not code. 

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Integration Logs


Ostrij makes monitoring integrations simple by providing flexibility in how you access logs.


  • Login to Ostrij and view all logs related to a specific data flow.

  • Configure a Slack channel to have logs post real-time for your team to monitor.

  • Provide an email address to send logs real-time. Also, choose if you'd like to see all logs or only errors. Making it even easier to spot problems and debug long before users report them. 

  • Map incoming payloads to an object in Salesforce to make debugging a breeze. Easily compare the data received against the Ostrij mapping to understand quickly what, if any, changes need to be made.

Ostrij Salesforce Integraton Logs
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Do you have an application that you want to connect to Salesforce and market to customers? Let Ostrij be your integration solution! Offer a Salesforce integration as an add-on and leverage the simplicity of onboarding new customers using Ostrij.


The Ostrij crew can either train your team on implementing and managing the integrations, or embed themselves in your sales/onboarding processes to add the credibility of an in-house Salesforce integration expert.


Contact us today to start discussing partnership opportunities.

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Ostrij knows how important data security is these days. That's why we offer robust solutions to ensure your data is always protected.

  • All data is encrypted in transit using HTTPS

  • No data is ever stored in Ostrij. Only passed from one application to another at runtime.

  • Make your data flows even more secure using Oauth 2.0 authentication

  • All credentials stored in Ostrij are encrypted to ensure safe keeping

  • Ostrij has been approved by the Salesforce Appexchange team after going through an intensive security review process.

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